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Channel drain with slit entirely made of Aisi 304 stainless steel designed for draining waste water. A trap to collect foreign matter fitted with a 300x300 drain cover is located at the centre of the channel. The cover is assembled to the channel by means of screwed flanges with an air-tight gasket for each arm. Suitability for vehicular traffic is guaranteed by the 2 mm thick stainless steel used to manufacture the channel drain and the excellent mechanical performance of the resins used to reinforce the rim. Overall dimensions of the visible surface: 71 mm (130 mm for the part under the floor level) , the slit is 17 mm; maximum depth of the channel drain: 100 mm for arms up to 4 m, 120 mm for arm lengths between 4 and 12 m, 140 mm for arm lengths between 13 and 16 m. Minimum drain gradient: 0,5% (5mm for each metre).
disegno canaline di scarico
Fixing tabs are welded to the outer part (ref. 1) every 350 mm for perfect anchoring to the ground. The channel drain comes with reinforcing stainless steel rods placed every 350 mm and welded below the floor level for better appearance and easier application, also at a later stage, of the patented heel proof grate and other RAY accessories

Catch basins (ref. 2) feature an outlet for connection with the channel drain arm. They are entirely made of Aisi 304 stainless steel and are designed for draining waste water. They are equipped with a strainer (with trap in the fitting with vertical drainpipe) with 8 mm holes to collect foreign matter and an extractible trapped pipe for easier cleaning of the floor drain (supplied as an optional in the fitting with side drainpipe). The catch basin consists of a 2 mm thick vessel inclined towards the drain pipe to prevent accumulation of small sediments. It is welded to a 6 mm thick flange which makes the product suitable for vehicular traffic. The visible square surface contains a perforated round cap with Ray pattern (reinforced on request) designed for faster draining and compliance with the safety legislation in force.

Dimensional features:
Length: from 1 to 16 m per arm
Channel drain width: 71 mm
Hole width: 17 mm
Channel drain gradient: 0.5%
Max length of the components: 4.00 mt.
Distance between reinforcing rods: 350 mm
Distance between fastening clamps: 350 mm
Can mount heel proof RAY device
Can mount removable vessels
Can mount removable plates
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