canaline di scarico senza pendenza
The channel drain is made of 1 mm thick sheet, developed to drain wastewater in pedestrian areas. A flange with screws and airtight seal for each arm is used to assemble the tailpipe extension with the channel and/or the clamping flange (1 and 2). The visible surface measures 71 mm (total dimensions 130 mm with the side under the floor) and includes 17 mm of slit. The channel depth is 70 mm. The external part is welded with fixing tabs positioned 350 mm from each other, to guarantee fastening to the floor. The channel width is uniform; thanks to the linchpins (4 mm diameter) placed 350 mm far from each other. Linchpins are welded under the floor, for a better aesthetic effect. It is possible to install all range of Ray accessories, like the patented device called “antitacco”– holes with less than Ø 15 mm.
The tailpipe extension is welded to a 50 diameter pipe. (2)

immagini canaline di scarico
The length of the channel drain can be 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000 mm with double flanging. The edges can be filled with glass fiber and high mechanical seal resin, to guarantee fastening to the products employed for the screed.

Dimensional features:

•    Length from 0,5 to 4 meters
•    Width of the channel drain 71 mm (visible surface)
•    Total width 130 mm
•    Slit width 17 mm
•    Maximum length 4 meters
•    Channel depth 70 mm
•    Distance between the fasteners 350 mm

disegno canaline di scarico senza pendenza