chiusini di ispezione
Inspection cover entirely made of Aisi 304 stainless steel, designed for use with RAY floor drains and catch basins to cover small inspection openings in the pipes. The cover is 1,5 mm thick and is welded to a 6 mm thick flange that makes the fitting suitable for vehicular traffic. Four fixing tabs guarantee easy placing and fastening to the floor. The visible square surface contains a round cap (reinforced on request and compliant with the safety legislation in force) which is perforated in the middle for convenient removal by means of a RAY key.
disegno chiusino di ispezione
Model Type of strainer Type of siphon Dimensions (mm) Test load (kg) Discharge flow rate
L x L H L1 x L1 ØS P1* P2**
standard - - 300x300 120 - 250 - 11250 - C3030D15I

* Test punch 250x75
** Test punch 250x150
*** Data referred to the following conditions:
1) Even floor 2) 1% slope on 4 sides 3) Approx. 15 mm hydrostatic head on the cap