piletta orizzontale ribassata
The floor drain is entirely made of Aisi 304 stainless steel and is designed for draining waste water and extract CO2; it is equipped with a pull-out trapped strainer with 8 mm holes to collect foreign matter located in the extractible trapped pipe for easier cleaning of the floor drain. The drain consists of a 2 mm thick sunken vessel, inclined towards the drain pipe to prevent accumulation of small sediments. It is welded to a 6 mm thick flange which makes the product suitable for vehicular traffic. Four fixing tabs guarantee easy placing and fastening to the floor. The visible square surface contains a perforated round cap with Ray pattern (reinforced on request) designed for faster draining and compliance with the safety legislation in force.

disegno piletta orizzontale ribassata
Model Type of strainer Type of siphon Dimensions
Test load
Discharge flow rate
LxL H h1 ØV ØS P1* P2**
standard after the siphon fixed 200x200 76 50 150 60 6570 - 35 L2020N07O
standard trapped extractible 250x250 126 80 204 110 - 11250 120 L2525N12O
special trapped extractible 300x300 76 50 220 110 - 11250 80 L3030N07O
standard trapped extractible 300x300 96 80 220 110 - 11250 80 L3030N09O

* Test punch 250x75
** Test punch 250x150
*** Data referred to the following conditions:
1) Even floor 2) 1% slope on 4 sides 3) Approx. 15 mm hydrostatic head on the cap