piletta scarico verticale
Stainless steel floor drain designed for the sewage disposal, completed with fixed trap and vertical drainpipe. The drain is equipped with a pressed basin - height 40 or 75 mm and 2 mm thick – reinforced in the bottom with high mechanical seal resin and glass fiber. Two fixing hangers welded to the basin side assure an optimum grip to the floor.
The visible surface is square and includes a circular cover – 2 mm thick – completed with a holed bell trap with the Ray picture printed on. It’s designed to accelerate the drain speed, in accordance with the safety regulations in force.
The floor drain can have a net filter with holed mesh positioned inside the pipe trap.
disegno piletta scarico orizzontale
Model Type of strainer Type of siphon Dimensions  (mm) Discharge flow rate (Lt/min)*** Code
LxL H h1 ØV ØS
standard after the siphon
fixed 100x100 75 60 62 40 12 L1010B07O
standard after the siphon fixed 150x150 75 70 112 50 38 L1515B07O
standard after the siphon fixed 200x200 75 83 160 63 46 L2020B07O

* Test punch 250x75
** Test punch 250x150
*** Each data refers to the following conditions:
1) Even floor   2) 1% slope on the 4 sides   3) Approx. 15 mm of hydrostatic head in correspondence to the cover