qualità produzione pilette chiusini e canali in acciaio inox

Ray is extremely attentive to staff professionalism and customer relationships.
To create reliable and efficient products, the company chooses advanced technology and quality control.
Ray Inox range is designed and realized in accordance with the regulations in force.

Advanced technology goes hand in hand with qualitative choices, both oriented to efficiency and reliability in every realization.
All products are designed and realized in accordance with the current regulations in force. Functionality and high security standard without any compromise for the customer. Ray products are characterized by high quality finishing. Every detail is well finished, in order to give an efficient drainage system, to ease the installation process and guarantee reliability in time.
Ray Inox uses laser technology and automation. Our skilled staff carry out tight controls on every single piece. Ray Inox drainage systems have eight patents.

Every solution can be customized, satisfying specific requirements too.